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Frequently asked questions

Get quick answers about PSI's incubation process, support, and network. Dive in to understand how we empower startups for long-term success.


What is a "Startup Studio"?

A "Startup Studio" is a collaborative entity that creates startups from scratch, offering integrated resources and expertise. Unlike traditional incubators that support external ideas, studios develop in-house ventures. This approach often results in higher success rates and efficient resource utilization.


How PSI identify ideas and who holds ownership?

PSI derives ideas from its Lighthouse Partners network, spanning various sectors. Initially, PSI holds ownership of these ideas, but they are later transferred to the chosen founders or startups upon identification.


What kind of industries does PSI primarily focus?

PSI primarily concentrates on incubating startups in the technology sector, with a keen interest in AI/ML Infrastructure, Data Infrastructure, Applied AI, Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, and AI Education.


How does PSI differ from other startup incubators?

PSI is a startup studio that operates more like a big problem-solving club and sets itself apart from typical incubators by not only emphasizing real-world challenges but also offering expertise in product development and advanced technology, including proprietary solutions in AI, cloud computing, and data security.


What are "Lighthouse Partners" for PSI?

Lighthouse Partners are a network of collaborators from diverse sectors, including industry, academia, regulatory bodies, and government entities. They provide PSI with market-validated problems, acting as guiding lights to ensure that the startups we incubate are aligned with genuine market demands.


How does PSI identify founders?

PSI employs a meticulous selection process, considering candidates with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, substantial educational or professional background in tech/business, collaborative prowess, unwavering commitment, and effective communication skills.


How does PSI support startups financially?

Beyond mentorship and resources, PSI offers both capital and credits to startups, required to build the MVP. PSI also promotes streamlined operations through shared resources, ensuring startups have a solid financial foundation.


How does PSI support startups after incubation?

PSI extends continuous mentorship and resources to its startups post-incubation. With access to a vast network of partners, they ensure startups' sustained growth and market alignment. This comprehensive support positions startups for long-term success.