About us

PanScience Innovations (PSI) is a startup studio specializing in AI, Deep Tech, Applied AI, and Data Infrastructure. Our “test all assumptions” philosophy has helped in creating several successful companies that put data-driven decisions at their cultural core. Operating as a problem-solving club, PSI presents founders with market-validated challenges from a network called Lighthouse Partners.

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Our vision

To be the leading startup studio where innovation meets real-world problems, fostering a community of tech companies that not only thrive but also set new standards in data-driven excellence.

Our mission

To empower the next generation of leaders with significant, market-validated challenges, enabling them to innovate and build world-class technology companies that prioritize data-driven decisions.

  1. Empowerment: Equip leaders with tools and challenges to innovate.
  2. Real-World Solutions: Address market-validated problems through collaboration.
  3. Data-Driven Excellence: Prioritize data-centric decisions in every incubated startup.
  4. Nurturing Success: Provide resources and mentorship for sustainable tech ventures.

What is a LightHouse Partner?

Lighthouse Partners are a select group of collaborators who play a pivotal role in guiding and supporting startups. Drawing inspiration from the function of a lighthouse, which provides navigation and safe passage for ships, Lighthouse Partners serve a similar purpose for startups.

3.5 times
More Growth

According to Techstars, startups with lighthouse partners are 3.5 times more likely to see significant user growth.

10x Higher Success Rate

10% of success rate compared to an average success rate of around 1% for startups overall.

74% More Funding

According to Startup Genome, startups with lighthouse partners are 74% more likely to raise funding.

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